How You Can Build An Online Business Entirely Through Viral TikToks And Make $5-10k Profit Per Month

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We started building businesses in 20158 years of grinding, day in and day out but making no progressBecause it didn't matter how hard we worked...If we weren't working on the right thingFrom side hustle to side hustleWe had done it allReselling, trading stocks, software, even raising money for a company that generated $0 in salesUntil we found TikTokAnd in the first week, generated $10k in sales from one video24 months later, and we have now done $3.8M in sales, 850M views and 2.45M followersENTIRELY through the "dancing kids app"While other people scroll mindlessly for entertainment, we use it to make moneyAnd now we want to show you exactly how you can do it tooWith The Collective

Here's What's Inside:

Exclusive Discord Community

When you join The Collective, you get instant access to our exclusive Discord communityHere are just a few of the 30+ channels1. Opportunities: A job board to both find jobs as a tiktok creator and hire tiktok creators (people are making $10k/m working as creators just from this channel alone)2. Account Examples: Examples of TikTok accounts going Viral RIGHT NOW that you can model your content on3. Trending Audios: Sounds that are currently trending that you can use for your own TikToks4. Product Examples: New products that are going viral that you can swipe to run on a dropshipping store5. Content Challenges: We give away prizes to anyone who can post every day for a month6. TikTok Hooks: Examples of viral hooks that have been proven to work for past viral videos7. Free Software: $250 in spy tools to find competitor products, websites and even their revenue (all included FOR FREE)8. VPN Solution: Our exclusive solution to hit the US for you page even if you live outside of the country2. Private Supplier: A private supplier that we have partnered with to give you the best prices and source any product for your store

6,500 Members Inside

20+ Hour TikTok Business Course

You also get instant access to our course that shows you exactly how we build 7 figure brands on TikTokHere are just a few of the 50 videos (24 mins average length)1. TikTok Misconceptions: Breaking down all the myths spouted by gurus who have never made money from TikTok2. Best TikTok CTAs: How to create call to actions to turn viewers into buyers3. Optimizing Comment Section To Boost Virality: How to create a comments section of raving fans and increase engagement4. Getting Past Zero Views: What to do when you first start uploading and get stuck at 0 views per video5. Sourcing Products and Suppliers: How to find winning profitable products from suppliers6. Choosing Viral TikTok Products: Breaking down our product research strategies to find consistently viral products7. Finding TikTok Trends: How we find trending tiktok sounds and challenges in under 5 minutes that boost your videos8. New Age Controversy: How to use controversy to skyrocket your engagement (without appealing to 12 year olds with terrible jokes)9. TikTok Street Interviews: Breaking down a new content model that allows creators to charge $5k/m for one client while skyrocketing sales10. Behind The Scenes Creating A Viral TikTok: Uncut footage showing exactly how we create TikToks for clients from start to finish11. Turn Views Into Cash: The key elements of your TikToks most beginners ignore that turn a viral video into thousands of $$$12. Creating Killer TikTok Hooks: Our unorthodox way to create video openers that capture a viewer's attention within seconds13. Scaling Brand to $150k/m Breakdown: Behind the scenes on what it looks like to run a 7 figure business on TikTok14. Selling Your Business: How to sell your business to cash out on years of hard work15. How I Work 1-2 hrs Per Day on a $1M Biz: The exact system to automate your business so you can live life while printing cash16. Hiring Creators and Building A Team: Our step by step breakdown of how we have hired 50+ creators to create TikToks at scale17. Urgency Is Imperative: The mindset necessary to succeed where others have failed and scale your business as quickly as possible18. Mental Health and Business: Explaining the realities of running a business and how to overcome any mental barriers

6,500 Members Inside

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